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The public consultation for Ireland’s new development policy

The public consultation for Ireland’s new development policy

Minister of State Ciaran Cannon speaks at the launch of consultations on the new Irish Aid White Paper. July 2018. © Phil Behan / DFAT

Last Thursday 12 July, Mr. Simon Coveney, T.D., Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade and Mr. Ciarán Cannon, T.D., Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development launched the public consultation process for the Irish Government’s new international development policy.

Anne O’Mahony, International Programme Director at Concern Worldwide, and Dr. Susan Murphy, Lecturer in Global Development Practice at Trinity College Dublin, participated in a panel discussion and addressed questions from the audience.

In his opening remarks, the Tánaiste highlighted the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals, and that:

 “We must reach the furthest behind first to realise our vision of a more equal, peaceful and sustainable world.”

Whitepaper Launch 2018 © Phil Behan

Members of the public at the launch of consultations on the new Irish Aid White Paper. July 2018. © Phil Behan / DFAT

In addressing questions about what would be different in the new policy, the Tánaiste underscored the need for Ireland to build on what it is good at, maximise impact, and show global leadership on development issues. He also called for innovation in the new policy – in who we work with and in how we do things.

Dr. Susan Murphy drew attention to Ireland’s track record in ‘Leaving No One Behind’ through our focus on those most marginalised and the poorest. She focussed on the need to build on the expertise that exists for tackling gender equality and doing development differently in order to match the ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Anne O’Mahony called on continued attention to forgotten crises and highlighted the need for strong targeting to get to where real poverty is and the roots causes of why people leave their homes.

In his closing remarks, the Minister of State reiterated the importance of participation and public engagement in developing and delivering the new international development policy:

“We need your input and responses, and your support in calling others to engage, by making written submissions and by participating in the public meetings in September.”

The consultation paper and guidance for submissions, and details of the public meetings are available at:

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