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Irish Aid announces funding of €8 million to the Health Sector in Mozambique

Irish Aid announces funding of €8 million to the Health Sector in Mozambique

Minister Brophy visits a hospital in Mozambique

During his visit to Mozambique, Minister of State for Overseas Development and the Diaspora, Colm Brophy, today announced an Irish Aid investment of €8 million, which will save lives through improving health services for mothers and children.

Minister Brophy said:

“During my visit to Mozambique I have seen first-hand how young Mozambican doctors and nurses are working in the remotest rural areas and in cities to build a resilient health service. With long-term support from Ireland, they have been making great strides, improving health outcomes and life expectancy for millions."

“Today, I am pleased to announce €8 million of Irish Aid funding which will help reduce the maternal and infant mortality rate in the country."

“This funding will support the Mozambican Government to help ensure that all Mozambicans, especially the most vulnerable and those living in remote areas, have access to good health services, to fight poverty and to promote national development.”

Notes to editors

  • Irish Aid funding is channelled through the PROSAUDE common fund. Ireland is the largest contributor to PROSAUDE, contributing around 60% of total funding. Total Irish support to PROSAUDE since 2017 amounts to €51.75 million. Ireland is the Chair of the PROSAUDE Donor Group in 2022.
  • The emphasis of PROSAUDE is to strengthen health services for mothers and children in Mozambique, particularly those living in remote and rural areas.
  • With the support of Irish Aid funding, maternal mortality in Mozambique has reduced by 30%, and up to 50% in certain areas.
  • Irish Aid works with the HSE to improve health services in Mozambique.


Press Office

27 May 2022

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