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Irish Aid Logo Guidelines for Partners

Aid Effectiveness, Guidelines, Global, 2017

Logo and Publicity Guidelines for Partners


These guidelines are intended to assist organisations in Ireland and abroad to acknowledge the support and assistance from the Irish Government’s Development Cooperation Programme, Irish Aid.

Ireland places accountability at the heart of its development cooperation programme. It is more important than ever that the Irish Government and its partners clearly demonstrate to the public the results which are achieved through Irish Aid support.


As a general principle, the Irish Aid logo (together with an acknowledgement of Irish Aid support) should be used on all documentation (both hard copy and electronic) and signage produced in respect of programmes and projects funded, in whole or in part, by Irish Aid.

However, it is recognised that in certain circumstances the use of the logo in public documentation and signage may pose a risk to humanitarian workers who need to maintain independent impartial action. Decisions in this regard should be taken on a case-by-case basis and in conjunction with local partners on the ground.

Due consideration should also be given to environmental factors when considering the construction of signage or the use of the Irish Aid logo on vehicles in developing countries.

Authorisation & General Conditions

In advance of using the logo partners must obtain authorisation from the relevant section of the Development Cooperation Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Partners can request authorisation to use the logo at the outset of a project or programme (multi-annual or annual) by providing an overview of intended use. For multi-annual programmes and projects an update of intended use should be provided annually. Once authorisation has been given, partners must seek permission for any usage which in any way differs from that authorised. Requests can also be made on a case by case basis or as the need arises.

In all cases, authorisation is subject to the following conditions:

• the use of the logo should not create confusion between the role of the partner organisation and the role of the Irish Government’s Development Cooperation Programme, Irish Aid;

• the logo should not be used in connection with fund-raising activities;

• the logo should not be linked to aims or activities incompatible with the principles and objectives of the Government of Ireland;

• the logo should be given appropriate prominence when displayed in association with other emblems and logos whether in hard copy or electronically;

• where materials contain opinions, views or comments the partner must prominently state that ‘the ideas, opinions and comments therein are entirely the responsibility of its author(s) and do not necessarily represent or reflect Irish Aid policy’; and

• authorisation to use the logo implies no right of exclusive use nor does it permit the appropriation of the logo, or of any similar trade mark, whether by registration or by any other means.

Contact & Comments

Requests for authorisation to use the logo should be addressed to your point of contact within the Development Cooperation Division handling the project or programme.

Technical questions regarding the use of logo and comments regarding these guidelines can be addressed to:

Public Outreach, Communications Unit, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, by email or by phone +353 1 4082305


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