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Report of Ireland Aid Review Committee 2002


The Ireland Aid Review Committee Report examined the key issues affecting developing countries and how Ireland Aid, Ireland’s official programme of assistance to developing countries, wass supporting them.

Attitudes to Development Co-operation in Ireland 2002


This report measured the level of information, knowledge of and attitudes to development issues, development cooperation and levels of public support for aid; and to get an in-depth understanding of attitudes among the general public and selected sectors of the population in Ireland.

Irish Aid Annual Report 2002


This report provides a comprehensive account of the development work undertaken by Irish Aid (Development Cooperation Ireland) during 2002.

Report of the ICT and Development Task Force Report 2003


The ICT and Development Task Force Report 2003 commissioned by the Development Cooperation Ireland (DCI)(previous name of Irish Aid )examines the ‘digital divide’ – the increasing gap between rich and poor countries in their access to information and communications technologies.

Timor Leste Irish Aid Country Strategy Paper 2003-2005


This strategy document sets out the expected key development results, objectives and strategies for Ireland’s engagement in Timor Leste over the two year period.